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CNC cutting-saw/drilling-hole center

CNC cutting saw/drilling hole center

Full automatic sawing is a equipped with a CNC program execution operation, workers in the PC or touch screen input opens the material needs of the size of the data, start the machine automatic machine operation, to achieve automatic grabbing feeding plate, automatic alignment precision cutting of high - precision woodworking materials machinery.

With the rapid development of the furniture industry, sheet material processing on the mechanical requirements of increasingly high, sliding table saw highlights the disadvantages are more obvious: precision is not enough, edge collapse, fault, inductrial injury, such as low efficiency phenomenon often plagued the development of this kind of enterprise. The birth of the numerical control cutting saw effectively avoids the appearance of this kind of phenomenon. The numerical control cutting saw adopts the mechanical hand clamping automatic feeding, high precision servo system control feeding precision, electronic scale positioning and compensation, linear precision guide rail to ensure the accuracy of the saw. At the same time, the effective protection of the cutting effect of the end face, greatly improving the work efficiency. Like Shunde Ming Ann developed CNC cutting saw, not only the solid structure of solid, and the accuracy of. Front loading platform, after the material platform of CNC cutting saw for enterprises to improve the efficiency of the work. NC materials saw another characteristic is expected to open the operating process is simple, beginner still operating, will teach one, for the enterprise to save labor cost!
Scope of application: widely used in density board, fiber board, particleboard, gypsum board, organic glass, acrylic plate, PS plate, guide plate, plastic board, plywood, wood board and other precision materials used.

Main technical parameter:



Input Voltage

380V(220V,400V,415V,440V etc)

Input Frequency


Working Size


Working Speed


Body Machine

High-quality steel tube welding

The size is 150/300/6(mm)

Machine Head

High-quality cast steel welding

The size is 250/550(mm)


Thickening steel welding

The size is 250/300/10(mm)

Side Vertical Shaft

Use of Heavy 265# welding

Table Board

Vacuum adsorbed table

With vacuum pump(Water cool,11kw)

Electrically operated valve(Automatic)

Main Spindle

Italy HSD brand

Air cooling type

The power is 6kw

Drive type

X/Y Rack(Taiwan TBI Brand);

Z spindle Screw;

Side Rail 30#(Taiwan HIWIN Brand)

Driving Motor

Japan Yaskawa Brand

The motor is 850W

With 4 sets of reducer

Z spindle with brake device + heavy cylinder


Shanghai Fuling Brand

The power is 11kw

Line Drilling

Italy import product

5 + 4 group


Working precision: 0.02mm

Positional precision: 0.03mm

Working speed

Working speed is 35m/min

Empty speed is 60m/min

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